projectantichrist_final_ebook_small  In Project Antichrist, I tried to explore the idea of the end of the world being manufactured. It seems the anxiety for the End of Times was around ever since civilization existed. There are a lot of different versions of it, but to me the “man-made” Apocalypse seems the most probable. After all, we still possess enough nukes to kill Earth about forty times over. But who could possibly want it? Who could possibly gain from obliterating the planet? How would it be done? And what can we do to avoid it?








small The First Dweller is set at a company that sells virtual afterlives. What they do is record all of your memories while you live, and then when you die, these memories are converted into your virtual self. This construct becomes a paradise dweller in a paradise of your choice (and means). I think a company like that would change the world in a profound way and make a ton of enemies in the process. Good thing then, that Tirnanog Industries employs Jim Taylor, the janitor.